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T@imeCalc was designed to help private individuals and small companies to administrate as easy as possible working time units referring to the different collaborators and projects. Did you never wish as a chief of a company, head of a department or a project to get working hour totals for certain projects (cost units) or working hour overviews of all collaborators simply by pressing a button?

Or do you wish to keep the overall view of your own time which you invest simultaneously in different projects in order to work as efficiently as possible and to increase your and the firm's productivity?
Administrate your precious time as good as you can. Save time when making up your bills. Keep the overview of your and your collaborators different activities with a short bookkeeping of the working time spent on the different cost units.

The optional module "Working Hour Planner" informs you about the balance of target and current working hours of each collaborator. With the optional module "Expenses" you are able to manage the expenses for each project individually.

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