Continuous display operation controlled by PowerPoint-Scheduler...

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Automatic time control of PowerPoint presentations and audio/video playing

PowerPoint-Scheduler is the best Digital Signage solution if several Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations shall be displayed in continuous operation or on a predetermined schedule. PowerPoint itself does not provide the possibility of switching on and off selected presentations automatically.

With its integrated timer PowerPoint-Scheduler shows your PowerPoint presentations right on time as well as Videos and Internet-TV. Additionally, the scheduler turns on and off the flat screen or projector when required.

The applications of PowerPoint-Scheduler are manifold: Greet your visitors already at your reception, build an information system or a digital signage based on your existing PowerPoint presentations or play your company videos time-controlled. PowerPoint-Scheduler is used successfully worldwide by companies and organizations such as museums, schools and hospitals. Further users include several local TV stations that play their program hourly repetitive with PowerPoint-Scheduler. With the optional ticker you inform your audience immediately about important events.

PowerPoint-Scheduler is characterized by ease of installation and operation. Microsoft Office skilled staff can use PowerPoint-Scheduler easily and intuitively. Thus, even small organizations with no IT staff are able to use their existing PowerPoint presentations in an efficient way.

Because you acquire PowerPoint-Scheduler directly from the manufacturer, you also get the best support for questions regarding the installation and operation. Due to a simple and intuitive handling you will be fast in building your own display solution.

PowerPoint® is a registered Trade Mark of Microsoft Corporation